Our Story

Steph and Alison travelled in the same circles for a two years before discovering they were both exploring the idea of a curated shop featuring local handcrafted goods. Steph envisioned an online shop focusing on everyday essentials. Alison imagined a retail space where consumers could learn about the maker and their process. The result of their collaboration is Made Collective, a curated collection of home goods for everyday living using methods and materials that focus on conserving the earth’s resources.  

We want the goods we sell to have as little environment impact as possible which is why we seek out handcrafted essential items.  We want consumers to become more thoughtful about what they purchase and to consume responsibly. This means thinking about about how and where an item is made, what it is made of and who made it.  

The idea of becoming eco-conscious and shopping sustainably can be overwhelming and time consuming.  A plastic-free life sounds great but impossible to obtain. It is challenging and much less convenient which is why we encourage small, achievable changes.  Our goal is to make it simple for consumers to make earth friendly choices.

All our goods are proudly made in Canada.  We are grateful to be working with a community of talented and creative people.  We are committed to providing our makers with an ethical and fair living wage.

Every small change makes a difference. 


Steph Ouellette

Steph loves thought provoking design, cooking for people with allergies or food aversions and doing life with her husband and busy little boys.

She is a photographer and Made Collective’s creative visionary.

Alison McKinnon

Alison loves words, mid-century things, the guy she married and her two daughters.

She is a writer and Made Collective’s designer/maker.