Come Home

It has changed us. It’s been a little over a week and yet it has changed us forever. I was going to tell you all about my joys and horrors of this past week. And before that I was going to share a spring vacation playlist. But today I bring you this.

I have little ones who remind me of God’s goodness daily. They live with no fear of death and as a Christian I am called to live this. I am called to be wise and listen to the warnings but to not live in fear of what’s to come.

Praying for the sick and those on the front lines. For peace and strength. I pray for those alone with no one to hold them. I pray that they will know they are loved and held completely. For those with anxious hearts. I pray they would turn to his Word. And lastly, I pray for those with hard apathetic hearts. I pray that this fire of affliction would draw songs of praise from them and send them home. 

And when words fail, I am choosing today to share comfort in the form of music. This is a playlist to consume instead of the constant alarming information being thrown at us from every which way. Take an hour and really listen. Shut off the noise and rest.  

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