Thrift Quality

Thrifting has become a big business and is continuing to grow. Something that didn’t become widespread until after the Second World War, thrift stores now a common place in almost every community. Just recently selling personal belongings online has become a main source of income for many, using e-commerce websites and social media sites as selling outlets. 

Here are a few tips from a recovering thrift store addict … 

  1. Make a list of things you need and stick to it. Deals and one of a kind pieces are so tempting and one of the reasons I love thrifting, but those items usually end up right back where they came from! 
  2. Clothing – sizing doesn’t matter. I usually search the whole women’s section and sometimes hit up the men’s section too. With used clothing… sizing can be all over the place, brand to brand the sizing can be so different and clothing changes sizes sometimes after washes. 
  3. Material – I have gotten really good at sifting through aisle after aisle looking for natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, linen, and denim. This also includes home goods too! Vintage linen tablecloths can be re-purposed or used just as they are. The quality doesn’t compare to much of what is made today. I gravitate to pottery, wood and metal in the home good sections also, looking for well made natural goods. An affordable way to find quality goods for less.  
  4. Where it’s Made – Another thing I look for is where it’s made. Canadian made clothing seems to stand the test of time for me! And I love when I see MADE IN CANADA on the tag! 
  5. Most thrift stores have half price days, seniors days, discounts on certain departments throughout the week, and fill a bag days. Mark your calendars and go a few days before to scout out the place. When the day comes you can avoid the crowds and go straight to things you want!
  6. Scan and check carefully for imperfections and/or marks on clothing and home goods! Nothing is worse than getting something home that you are excited about only to find out the stain doesn’t come out!

My love for secondhand shopping has been somewhat put on hold lately. But when I’m feeling overwhelmed I can always find a sense of peace from stepping into a shop for an hour or two. Finding unique and preloved goods with stories to tell brings me such joy! One thing I’ve learning from not secondhand shopping as much though, is sometimes it can become an easy addiction and a distraction from the everyday. I have to remember to be thoughtful in all my decisions even if it means not filling the $1 bag to the top just because it’s a dollar.