A New Year

Happy 2020! We hope that you took some time to rest and reflect over the past couple of weeks. A new year is spread before us like a brand new journal just waiting for us to make a mark. The challenge is to not fill it up too quickly but to leave blank spaces and pages that can be filled later or just left empty. 

Steph and I are both thinking about last year, and what we learned about living slowly and thoughtfully. We are thinking about some of our routines and seasons in an effort to live more intentionally, and we are doing the same with Made Collective. 

You will notice that Made Collective’s online shop is more curated. We will continue to make and sell dryer balls and hemp wash clothes, but we have said goodbye to beeswax party candles and utensil wraps. We are excited to be adding some new Made Collective goods to our collection in the coming months. As for other makers, we will be adding seasonal products throughout the year.

We love sharing our thoughtful and seasonal journey on our journal, and that will continue every Thursday in 2020. On the third Thursday of every month we will be interviewing and introducing you to someone who is also on a slow and thoughtful journey. We ask them all kinds of questions, and we hope that they inspire you as much they inspire us. The Collective Series launches in January, and our first interview is with our very own Steph Ouellette. 

We have a couple of other surprises planned for 2020, but we aren’t quite ready to share those yet. 

We hope the year ahead is one of growth, love, and peace.

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