Embracing the Seasons of Life

When Steph and I talk about seasonal living, we focus on spring, summer, fall, and winter, and how we can embrace each season thoughtfully.  We also want to pay attention to the seasons of life which are much broader and varied. These can include seasons of busyness, quiet, illness, conflict, newness, sadness, loss, and so many more.  How do we thoughtfully embrace these seasons? Especially, the seasons that are difficult and uncomfortable?

Right now Steph is the toddler/preschooler season and I’m in the tween/teen zone.  As a result, our lives look very different at the moment. Steph is literally running to keep up with her busy boys, and I’m learning to cope with hormone induced eye rolls.  There are days when I want to rush through these emotionally charged years, and be the mother of sane beings again, but despite inexpiable tears and door slams I’m learning to embrace this season of life with my girls.  

I believe every season of life has something to teach us, but we have to move slowly through them to listen, observe, and absorb what it is we are meant to learn.  I teach at our local college for three months each fall. This is on top of my writing gigs and Made Collective, so things are a little frantic at this time of year.  Instead, of just “dealing with it” and wishing it was already December, I’m learning to embrace this busy season and learn what I can from it.

The biggest lesson to prioritize.  My social calendar is pretty empty at the moment because time with my family comes first.  Trips to the barn and mall, family meals and movie nights, and quick trips to visit family out of town are all I can manage at the moment, and that’s OK!  I have learned that I can’t do it all, nor do I want to. My husband recently transitioned to working full time for himself which means he is now at home most evenings.  I want to fully embrace time together as a family in this season because who knows what the next one holds.

What season of life are you in?  Are you embracing it or rushing through it?  Steph and I encourage you to think about life seasons and rhythms, and consider the good stuff you can glean from them.  For example, all the teenage eye rolling and spontaneous tearful outbursts have led to my husband and I sharing our teen tales of woe, most of which our girls have found quite hilarious.  Life is not all sunshine and rainbows, but if you slow down, you may catch a glimpse of one.  

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