Letting Go and Making Space

I like to think of myself as the creative type. You know those people who love art, poetry, and well designed products. I love beautiful things and I love to express my love for creativity through design. Design for me includes fashion, home, art, photography, food, and so forth, but I realized recently that I don’t need to be good at all forms of art to be creative. Maybe I don’t even need to be creating all the time to be creative. Shocking I know! Maybe this is something that doesn’t resonate with you or maybe you don’t have bins of yarn in your basement or a half finished woven wall hanging you’ve been working on for over a year. I won’t judge you if you do though. 

This slow living thing isn’t easy because it encompasses so many areas of our lives. I want to think I’m getting ahead of things and then BAM, I realize I have so much in my life that I can’t slow down or even stop. Slow living is about figuring out and noticing the important bits of life which looks different for all of us. It’s about living each day with intention and purpose. 

I’ve had a pile of wooden handmade canvases in the basement for well over five years, and yesterday I sold them. I was standing in my basement looking at all the so called “hobbies” or “crafts” I have yet to complete or start for that matter and knew it was time to let them go. Now I’m not telling you to stop all crafting, and get rid of all your hobbies because once upon a time Made Collective taught workshops about the lost art of crafting. Although, I’m rethinking what this means too.

I’ve read many books and articles about the benefits of having hobbies and/or crafting especially for mental health, but right now it is definitely not helping my mental state. When the man came to the door to pick up the wood canvases I gladly handed them over and instantly felt lighter. It was okay to let it go and make space for other things in my life right now. I guess I’m telling you it’s okay to let go of things that are weighing you down. Things you might not even realize are weighing you down. If you are still working on that half crocheted blanket, but have no desire to finish it; let it go. We all can’t be good at everything, and some of us aren’t even good at any of these things. I want to tell you that’s okay! I want to tell you going to a workshop for a night out is okay, but carrying half finished craft projects around with you for years might not be the best use of space in your home or life.

I have been struggling with this idea of creativity and what it means. I finally had the insight to say to myself, “I will always be creative no matter what clothes I wear (this will be a future journal post) or what art project I do/don’t have on the go.” I’m excited to let go of some more projects and make room to just be and see what’s next in this slowly made life.