To whom it may concern…

It feels funny starting a blog in 2019. It feels like we are a little behind the times and maybe we are, but we also know it feels like this should be the next step for us. Made Collective has been on a journey of finding our place in this crazy small business world for the past two years. We know what we are not, but like any small business the first few years are the hardest.

Made Collective started with lots of different voices and opinions for what it could be. We were going to be a brick and mortar retail shop and a creative space to cultivate community and educate people about the art and craft that goes into the handmade life.

Now Made Collective is Alison and I and we are still figuring out what we want this “thing” to be. We are not interested in giving up and actually love what Made Collective has become. Life just seems to be changing at such a rapid pace and a simpler life just makes sense for us. We understand the constant noise coming at you from every which way and we are hoping this space will be a calming voice along your journey to simplicity.

We love other social media outlets for certain purposes. But we are tired of the constant mindless scroll that we partake in daily. We are overwhelmed and overstimulated. And this just seemed like a better way to slow this whole small business thing down and build a community with like-minded individuals.

We understand if we are just one more voice that doesn’t fit into your already over scheduled life. So feel free to continue the scroll, we will continue to post to our Instagram and Facebook with little updates about journal posts, events, and shop updates.

But for those who wanting and needing a bit more we will be here talking about life, living with less, the joys and pains of mothering, owning a small business, retail consumption, seasonal living, sustainable practices, diys, the handmade life, and so much more.

We hope this will become a space full of thoughtful advice, healthy discussion, and simpler life practices.

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